GRHD Optimizes TouchWorks V11 Notes and Transitions into ICD10

GRHD Optimizes TouchWorks V11 Notes and Transitions into ICD10

With Galen's help Grand River Hospital District successfully optimized their notes and transitioned into ICD-10

Grand River Hospital District (GRHD) is a local healthcare system located in the foothills of the western slope of Colorado. GRHD transitioned from paper charts to V11 Note in 2009 via READY, the Allscripts TouchWorks ™ EHR pre-delivered notes. They opted for a READY note implementation because at the time they lacked resources with the expertise to build customized note templates. From day one the providers were dissatisfied with the delivered notes. Changing to electronic notes created a tremendous amount of personal discomfort and angst. There were 3 factors that providers felt disrupted the flow of the patient visit:

1. Too many clicks.

2. Valuable data fields were nestled too deeply within subforms

3. Dragon was frustrating!


In January of 2015 Natalie Stampfl, RN/Systems Director, contacted Galen regarding the potential optimization of V11 Note. Galen’s reputation for unassuming consultants who actively listen to client challenges to form collaborative partnerships was the motivation for the initial discussions. It was decided Galen would overhaul notes for the Gynecology department. If GRHD found value in the reconstruction, then a more expansive project would be launched.

Read the full case study to find out how Galen Professional Services Helped GRHD River successfully:

  • Optimizes most of their V11 notes
  • Implement and train clinicians on ICD10 compliant HPI and Assessment NoteForms
  • Learn how to efficiently build all the components of V11 notes

If this situation sounds familiar contact Galen below to see how we can help your organization & check out all of our services provided here:

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