MEDITECH 6.X Rules Webcast

MEDITECH 6.X Rules Webcast

Changing "Working as Designed" to "Working as Desired"

Missed last weeks MEDITECH 6.X Rules webcast but interested in learning more? We’ve got you covered! We’re sharing a recording of the webcast, along with the slides used, answers to the questions we received, and some extra content you can use to continue learning about the MEDITECH 6.X rule writing process.

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Q: ­How do you effectively trigger OM rules which evaluate specific problems with the IMO problem look up?  Ex: Acute MI could be evaluated, but we would also want to catch “Acute MI with ST elevation”, or “Acute MI with LV involvement”etc? ­

A: This can be done but it is a tedious process of adding all the IMO codes, we are looking into streamlining it using Galen automation tools. If you are interested in being part of our focus group for this project I would love to hear what you are trying to achieve!

Q: Can you talk about the purpose of Creating Lists and how/when do you know you need to use Create List?­

A: List creation is done for a variety of reasons. In OM you save your logic or error as one variable and the message you want to display as the other. Creating a list with both checks your logic and displays the message correctly.

We also use create list when evaluating elapsed time. Examples include time within an assessment, gestational age, LMP etc

Create List is also used when you want the system to select values in a group multiple based off another response. We saw this by defaulting normals in the physical assessment.

Q: ­Have you used the “exists in list” option for group multiples?  I hear it was added so that the offset is not needed but I am not quite sure how to utilize it.­

A: Yes, exists in list will give you the same outcome as using offsets did in previous releases of the software; a huge time saver if you have ever worked with offsets!

Q: ­How would you write a rule for counting sessions­?

A: I think this would depend on the account and I believe it would be easy if the patient was a registered reoccurring patient coming for ancillary care visits (PT/RT etc). Please follow up with me directly I think we could definitely assist in optimizing this workflow and even automatically drop your billing codes depending on the visit.

Q: ­You spoke briefly that to evaluate lab values, the variable MUST be LabTest.  Is this correct?

A: That is correct

Q: ­What if there were multiple lab tests you wanted to evaluate?  LabTest1, LabTest2 etc­

A: I believe this can be done by dropping the lab values into queries on a CDS. You can use these results to calculate TPN and make other clinical decisions off multiple values.

Q: ­Every 10th visit they need to do a progress note. I want to message the PT that the Progress note is due.­

A: I have definitely seen this come up before. Again, it would be helpful to know what visit type we are working with and go from there.

Q: ­will a regular default rule work to pule PCS queries into an OM CDS?­

A: Yes, you can pull the last response to that query in.

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