Seamless EHR Transition Through Data Migration Webinar

Seamless EHR Transition Through Data Migration Webinar

An expert panel hosted by Healthcare Informatics

Is your current EHR negatively affecting your physicians’ productivity and workflow? What are your organization’s goals, and could implementing a new EHR help you reach them? If you’re considering replacing your EHR, getting started can seem like a daunting task. Planning and implementing a new EHR requires a thoughtful data migration strategy. Our panel of experts are here to help guide you through your EHR transition and meet your goals.

Hosted by Healthcare Informatics, this webinar will:

  • Discuss strategies for pursing an electronic medical record (EMR) replacement
  • Explain the difference between discrete and non-discrete migrations, and why both may be helpful
  • Describe the various approaches to extraction, transformation and storage of the contents of clinical systems

We will be joined by John Ward, Chief Information Officer for TriHealth, and Sherry Montileone, Network & Support Manager, Information Systems at Citizens Memorial Hospital. Galen’s experts include Ray Lape, our Director of Technical Services, and Julia Snapp, our Manager of Professional Services.

Galen has performed more than 250 migration projects, handling more than 4 million patient records for clients, supporting all aspects of EHR transition including data mapping, testing & validation, legacy application support, new EHR implementation, and data archival.

Join our panelists, November 16th, as they provide perspectives from providers and share experiences and scenarios encountered in over a decade of providing clinical data migrations.

Register today, create a thoughtful data migration strategy for tomorrow.

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