Health information technology duct tape: To customize or not to customize? That’s a good question

Note: This is an excerpt from an article originally posted on Becker’s Hospital Review.

“An increasing number of Health Care Organizations, particularly large practices and clinics, are replacing their Electronic Health Record systems to more effectively handle the work flow needs of physicians.

But what kind of replacement will it be? It would be nice if there were a warehouse that housed a choice of off-the-shelf one size fits all solutions from which to choose. But the reality isn’t so convenient.

As appealing as these rapidly deployable solutions must have appeared when they were first chosen, their theoretical advantages have been compromised in practice.

There is an alternative to the rush to implement that has characterized and disappointed healthcare organizations – customization, a system that is made to fit each organization and its own particular challenges. Customization too brings rewards – and risks. Ideally, customization adjusts the EHR to facilitate efficiency but to some it may seem like mere patchwork, a roll of duct tape slapped on to hold everything together, with little assurance of permanence.

To customize or not to customize? Should the fact that every practice is unique be reflected in their health records system? “

Find out by reading the full article on Becker’s Hospital Review here.

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