Four Years of Being the Best Place to Work!

Four Years of Being the Best Place to Work!

Modern Healthcare has named Galen Healthcare as one of the Best Places to Work

Each year, Modern Healthcare conducts a program that recognizes outstanding employers in the healthcare industry. The list produced is the 100 businesses who are the “Best Places to Work in Healthcare.” For the fourth year in a row Galen Healthcare Solutions has made that list!  We work very hard to nurture what is uniquely us.  It is a collective effort that embodies our 5 Main Things.  We are extremely proud to have achieved this distinction again.


Our Boston office celebrating Red Nose Day (Having Fun–it’s one of our 5 Main Things!)

This honor would of course not be possible without our amazing employees.  What do they like about working for Galen?  Check out our #IAmGalen series to hear it straight from them. Our culture is not something we want to leave up to chance. Our Leadership and Management actively pursue ways to ensure that Galen’s culture is evolving in a healthy, productive manner–and it shows in this series!

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to our clients! Without you we would not be the business we are today. We truly strive to continue to produce unique and innovative solutions to improve our client’s daily work life.

Why does this distinction matter to our current and potential future clientele?

Modern Healthcare is the industry’s leading source of healthcare business and policy news, research and information. Being recognized by them means that Galen is set apart from other firms in the industry.  We work to continually evolve. Forums are created for team members to express opinions and share ideas. Galen team meetings occur on a monthly and quarterly basis where Leadership has the opportunity to be transparent with all team members, discuss new ideas and offer details about the company’s current state of affairs. We like to make sure that there is an open line of communication at all times. We attract the best talent and more importantly have the healthy atmosphere to retain that talent.  This positive environment allows our consultants to completely focus their attention on clients.

Check out the official posting on Modern Healthcare. 

Congratulations to all of Galen on this accomplishment & to all the other organizations recognized! It’s because of businesses that continue to strive to be better that the healthcare world continues to evolve and grow.

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