Why #IHeartHIT With A Passion

Why #IHeartHIT With A Passion

I might have an unhealthy love for Health IT.  I think about it all the time. I get excited by new advances in technology, advances that will not only improve the delivery of care – but the coordination of that care and the transparency of that information to the patient.  I get excited about medical devices that have cellular chips to deliver health information wirelessly to a physicians office.   I will jump up and down for joy when my lab no longer has to fax results to my physicians office because they are on a different system.


I work in Health IT, so I also know that this is no picnic, and that our current state is far from our optimal state.  In this way, I love Health IT like one might love a gifted pre-teen child – sometimes awkward and clunky but also sometimes seamlessly brilliant.  Always and every day full of so much potential that you cannot wait for them to hit their stride and start knocking it out of the park.  I may not know what tomorrow will bring, but I know it is going to be good.

I geek out over amazing creative people that I know in my life who are working on Health IT because they have passion.  There is not only the passion that comes from being the smart kid doing their best, but also the drive and desire to make the world a better place. We are building technology today that will improve healthcare overall.   We just need to get through this awkward phase.

Also featured on the National Health IT Week website here.

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