Sharp Community Medical Group Interface Engine Migration

Sharp Community Medical Group Interface Engine Migration

Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG) is a large independent physician association (IPA) serving the greater San Diego, California region consists of 207 Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and 520 specialists representing more than 30 specialties. SCMG leveraged Allscripts TouchWorks™ EHR to provide optimum healthcare for their diverse patient populations. They were originally utilizing the legacy interface engine, ConnectR. While able to fulfill the basic integration needs of SCMG, ConnectR was always more of a limiting factor. When Allscripts strategy to consolidate integration across their suite of solutions, Common Interface Engine (CIE) was introduced as the future platform, it became clear it was time for a change.  However, The main motivation to sunset ConnectR and introduce CIE was the end of standard support for MS SQL Server 2008, which was the last supported version for Connect 4.6 and subsequently the final supported version of ConnectR.

Familiarity with SCMG systems, combined with years of experience with ConnectR and Rhapsody certification positioned Galen as more than capable partner for this ambitious project. Over the course of a two year period Galen worked closely with the SCMG team to accomplish several goals including:

• Migrating all existing interfaces using a proven phased approach to ensure a seamless transition

• Collaboratively develop consistent interface designs that adhere to a newly created standard development approach

• Provide current & future state documentation as well as proposals to remediate existing issues identified in the legacy interface builds

• Tailor onsite trainings to best suit SCMG’s staff current skillsets to transfer knowledge of how to maintain and develop additional interfaces in the future

• Develop 11 net new interfaces during the course of the migration, including several custom interfaces with the dbMotion Health Information Exchange

Read the full case study here.

Galen’s agile consultants adapted to work successfully with each facet of the project that included multiple vendors, each with varying objectives, skillsets, and technology standards. Collaborative interactions between SCMG and Galen resources transformed the relationship into one strong team with a unified approach. Find out how Galen’s consultants can help your organization by contacting us below:


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