Huntington Memorial Hospital dBMotion™ HIE Case Study

Huntington Memorial Hospital dBMotion™ HIE Case Study

Huntington Memorial Hospital, located in Pasadena, California, is a non-profit, community-based medical center providing acute medical care and community services to the San Gabriel Valley and nearby communities. Why a community approach to care collaboration? Every 10 days providers in the surrounding community see as many patients as HMH sees in 1 year. With 100+ disparate systems, and no integrated view of patient information across the care continuum, inefficiency resulted in the patient/caregiver interaction due to lack of information.

The solution? Huntington Memorial Hospital partnered with Galen to connect their Cerner Millenium EMR as a data source feeding dBMotion™. The Allscripts Community Solution powered by dbMotion™  leverages and integrates with existing systems within current clinical workflows to integrate and aggregate data into meaningful, actionable information. dBMotion™ incorporates essential data including demographics, diagnoses, problems, allergies, medications, discharge summaries and more.



Galen facilitated the flow of messages from Cerner and other data sources into dbMotion™.  Assistance with aliasing of orderable and result codes as part of Cerner Millenium EMR build was provided. Additionally, patient matching issues were investigated and resolved within Initiate EMPI. This resulted in more robust Initiate EMPI & dbMotion™ community solutions. This also supported semantic harmonization through implementation and mapping of nomenclatures and vocabularies across all the communities.

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