Top 5 MEDITECH Interface Manager FAQs

Top 5 MEDITECH Interface Manager FAQs

The MEDITECH Interface Manager is a native client-side application used to configured and manage the MEDITECH endpoint to send and receive information between MEDITECH and outside vendor (OV) systems. MEDITECH Interface Manager is used to setup the ITI CCD suite, configure interface trigger events to support syndromic surveillance,  define interface value sets, and edit mapping dictionaries. Below are answers to commonly asked questions client pose regarding MEDITECH Interface Manager. View the MEDITECH Interface Manager wiki for a complete list.

Q: What is the difference between an interface and a connection?

A: Connections are used to pass data between NPR (Non-Procedural Representation) and M-AT (MEDITECH Advanced Technology) applications – the two programming languages MEDITECH 6.x applications are written in. Interfaces reside with the NBR component of the MIS application and are used to pass data between NPR applications and OV systems.

Q: Why are messages are stuck in a Queued Status within MIS Interface Manager?


  • Ensure the delivery services is running.
  • Verify the message is valid.
  • Toggle interface off/on.

Q: What are the different statuses of interfaces within the MIS Interface Manager?


  • Never-Ran: Interface job has never been turned on
  • Running: interface job is on & functioning
  • Halt-User: interface job was stopped by a user
  • Halt-Error: interface job has stopped due to an error

Q: How do I gain access to the MIS Interface Manager?

A: The menu/process needs to be added to the user profile. Within the Interface Manager Access dictionary, profiles can be created with different access levels based upon interface.

Q: How do I set data persistence within MIS Interface Manager?

A: “View Message Type Purge Delay” shows the number of days that the interface manager will hold a message before it purges. 7 days is the standard purge delay.

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