#IAmGalen: Kim Baxter, Senior Consultant

#IAmGalen: Kim Baxter, Senior Consultant

Kim-BaxterHow long have you been at Galen, and what do you do here?

Total I have been at Galen for about 6 years.  I left for a short time due to family obligations but returned as soon as I could.   I am a Senior Consultant on the Professional Services team.   I support Allscripts TW, PM and MEDITECH MPM products mostly.

 What’s your favorite part of the job? 

Variation between clients.  Although the applications are the same, each client is unique in some ways.  I like trying to figure out how their differences can be accommodated in a typical workflow.  I also love the people I work with.  Galen is a family not just a job.

 There’s something to be said for the connections we make out in the field. Have there been any particular client/staff interactions that stand out to you over the years?

I have maintained some friendships throughout the years and talk to those friends regularly.   I love it when I have worked with a group and then later at a new client site run into some of those same folks or go back several years later and are able to pick up where we left off.  Last year I had to stay over the weekend onsite due to flight issues and when the staff heard I was staying I was invited to dinners, movies, birthday parties.  Staff in the offices are very courteous to us!

Also I have made some lifelong true friends with coworkers after working side by side on a client.

 What do you like about the culture here? 

We are a family!  When one of us is going through a tough time or just having an off day, there are 70+ others that have your back.  When I left for a short time I truly realized that.  The organization I worked for was great, don’t get me wrong, but it was different.  I felt like I had come home when I returned to Galen.  I was welcomed with arms wide open and it was an amazing feeling.  And our leadership team has worked in our shoes so they empathize with our day to day “drama”.  How many organizations are there where you can pick up the phone and call the CEO, COO, President or any upper management and they will gladly talk to you with a smile in their voice?  Not many!

 What do you wish other people knew about Galen?

Galen is unique.  We are doing what we do because we care.  We are not just a technology company; we want to improve your day so that you can enjoy taking care of your patients.  We want you to enjoy healthcare for the reason you got into it in the first place.  We want to do what we can as a company to improve patient care.

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