Outcomes Improvement & ROI Through EHR Integrated Health Calculators

Outcomes Improvement & ROI Through EHR Integrated Health Calculators

eCalcs Whitepaper

eCalcs materialized when a trusted client requested that Galen build a tool that would allow their physicians to perform calculations for Framingham Risk for Heart Attack within the EHR. Four years and over 80 calculators later, eCalcs not only provides a range of integrated risk score calculators, but it also contains questionnaires as well as comprehensive workflow modules.

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They are seamlessly integrated with Allscripts TouchWorks™. Since eCalcs are designed as a separate menu document in the EHR framework, they support quicker and more accurate calculator-driven care decisions.

eCalcs reduces errors and saves time by:

  • eliminating the need for providers to navigate outside the EHR
  • preloading the current patient’s health information
  • automatically documenting scores as Results within the patient chart
  • & other additional features!

What are our clients saying?

“Can’t the computer do that for me? Yes, eCalcs can. When we installed Galen eCalcs, our clinicians deleted their bookmarked calculators and now stay in TouchWorks where patient data is auto-populated and calculation is just a click away” – Tom Goodwin, Manager of Clinical Systems and Clinical Data, MIT Medical

“The Galen eCalcs are very valuable tools that facilitate the entry of key clinical data elements, as well as their retrieval for display in flow sheets or inclusion in analytic reports.” – Dr. Mitchell Adler, CMIO, Northwell Health

Check out the full whitepaper here.

While more and more providers are bogged down in the electronic process, eCalcs simplifies and produces measurable gains. Don’t just take our word for it—view how our clients are utilizing these integrated health calculators to drive measurable clinical decision support, quality improvement, and revenue gains.

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