ACE 2016: Three days to connect, learn and innovate

ACE 2016: Three days to connect, learn and innovate

On August 9th, more than 3000 clients, staff, partners and industry professionals came together for three days to connect, learn and innovate at the Allscripts Client Experience (ACE 2016) in Las Vegas. Even though this has been Galen’s 10th year at the event, every year brings a new experience. This year, the event proved, yet again, what an impact our experts have throughout the community. Countless individuals sought us out to sing their praises, specifically calling out a majority of our staff by name. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see the joy, relief, respect, and appreciation you have created for your partners.

The Sales team prepared extensively, setting up meetings and demos prior to the event. The latter were executed tremendously by our Product Manager, Dave Burkhead, who headed booth operations.

Overheard at Booth 227?

“We just wanted to stop by and say how much we’ve enjoyed working with Galen and will continue to. The custom solution that was developed for us is great. The quality that your company puts into work is awesome.”

“We’re looking forward to discussing some opportunities to acquire technical assistance for a project we are taking on. When we have multiple proposals in front of us for a given project the differentiation is that Galen gets the work done and delivers on projects”.

This year, we were especially excited to demo our latest product solution, VitalCenter Online Archival (VCO). We were excited to show the healthcare community that there’s an easy fix for maintaining multiple patient records across numerous EHRs, while also managing costs. VCO offers access to data across virtually any legacy EHR source system, without requiring any system specific training.

We also, of course, demoed our business continuity solution, VitalCenter, which allows organizations to continue seeing patients during EHR downtime. Additionally, we had, eCalcs, our health calculators which seamlessly integrate with Allscripts TouchWorks.

What did people have to say about our products?

“Finally a solution out there that looks modern and works!” (With regards to VitalCenter) “I would take two (terminals) home on the plane with me if I could right now”.

“This is really slick; especially how you are grouping the patients together across multiple sources. As a large organization who creates the IT solution and then presents that to the users and practices, this could allow us to do just that; it fits into our deployment model and there is ROI to be realized for IT and the practices that we serve”.

Interested in a demo? Schedule one here.

The main event night ended with the brainchild from two members of Sales, Drew Bradle and Matt Shea, a client/prospect Happy Hour. They orchestrated this 3-hour event in the modest back room of an Irish Pub.  It turned into more than 120 attendees and packed venue for the duration filled with light-hearted, fun, and meaningful conversation.  Again a testament to the fact that clients see and react to each of us living the Five Main Things on a daily basis.

I know the saying goes “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but this year we’d like to bring all the connections we made back with us 🙂  Thank you ACE 2016 and all our amazing staff who made the entire experience possible!

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