A PCMH Case Study: Empowered by Galen’s Note Form Reporting

A PCMH Case Study: Empowered by Galen’s Note Form Reporting

In 2013, a 300+ physician primary-care focused HCO applied for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and utilized Galen’s Note Form Reporting solution to facilitate extraction of previously un-reportable patient data from their Allscripts V11 structured notes.

Prior to the NoteForm Reporting implementation, tedious and often redundant documentation workflows yielded very little in terms of how reportable data impacted provider efficiency. The NoteForm Reporting solution’s capabilities allowed for data collection of virtually any data type including custom and free text fields making it completely versatile. This allowed the client to successfully meet the PCMH application deadline for the previous year, while ensuring data capture for future years.

For more information on PCMH, follow our webcast series on YouTube.

This organization recognized the benefits for patients by achieving their PCMH certification. Founded on the triumphs of PCMH reporting, Galen was the clear partner to expand the 30 NoteForm library, participating in the existing data parsing initiative.  Once note forms were added to the data parsing, providers documented within the note templates which not only saved time, but was also a more intuitive clinical workflow. Check out the whole case study here.

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