#IAmGalen: David Burkhead, Product Manager

#IAmGalen: David Burkhead, Product Manager

DavidBurkheadWhen did you join Galen, and what do you do here?

I first joined the Galen team in March 2010. This was when the electronic landscape of healthcare IT was in a noticeably different phase of transition than it is now. The type of work I encountered in the field was doing ground up implementations directed at helping organizations and practices transition from paper to electronic records. Those first few initial projects I was involved with at Galen also introduced me to the world of data conversions as that industry movement had begun to rapidly pick up at the same time. In my current role as Product Manager I manage day to day product operations, customer support requests, active product implementations, and product development life cycles.

Can you touch on our product strategy and how we came up with one of our flagship products by virtue of conversion work?

One of the more direct segues that we’ve applied to our product development approach has been driven by our ability to leverage data migration projects in a way that is transferrable to other key services, solutions, and transformation opportunities.

For example, if you mesh a business continuity solution such as VitalCenter together with the driving industry need to migrate data, and to retain it for eDiscovery and audit requirements.  This naturally led us down the path of developing a data archival solution. Not only does this allow us to leverage concepts based on what we already have in our development portfolio, but also allows us to create a migration path for existing clients that is timely and achievable.

What is the one thing you hope to do in this role?

At the most fundamental level my goal for Galen product development is to develop and enable our current and target product lines as key tools for improving patient outcomes. It’s one thing to create and work on a product that does cool stuff, but when it potentially improves patient care and meets all of the needs of a rapidly evolving industry (i.e., quality reporting initiatives and risk based modeling) then that’s when you’ve got something that can help an organization with nearly all aspects of patient care and the business as a whole.

What drew you to Galen originally?

I knew at the beginning that I was absolutely ready for somewhat of a career shift. I think overall I was looking for opportunities to combine my implementation background with some of the newer technical skills I had acquired since getting more involved in data conversions.

Through networking connections, I still had contact with some Galen folks that I had worked with in the past. One aspect of professional life that stood out to me about Galen was the involuntary way in which team members spoke of its existing culture and values. Coming from a large healthcare organization that had just undergone a big merger and acquisition phase I was craving a work environment where those values were well incorporated into the fabric of the company. In addition to the thought of being able to use all my skill sets more independently in the field this is in large part what attracted me to Galen.

Are there any awesome moments that stick out over the past 6 years?

They are all pretty awesome, and I’d consider that to be a fairly aggressive hold back. In general, watching the people around you grow and continuously strive to get better every day is a challenge and one that I constantly look forward to. We hold ourselves accountable to our co-workers and clients every day and that really does make every day a fulfilling work experience regardless of how many tasks you may have completed. Our recent accomplishments and credentials in terms of  Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work and KLAS ratings is really stunning to be a part of.  When those types of moments happen that validate and reward you as a resource and a company, it makes you feel special in a way that inspires everyone around you to work harder. Those really are amazing milestones to be a part of and witness.

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