#IAmGalen: Tre Welkar, Technical Consultant

#IAmGalen: Tre Welkar, Technical Consultant

TreWelkarHow long have you been at Galen, and what do you do here?

I have been with Galen for over 2 ½ years.  I am currently on the Technical Services team in a Technical Consultant role.   My primary responsibilities include configuring, troubleshooting and migrating EHR servers; This includes: application, message, analytics, ConnectR and SQL servers.  I am responsible for managing current and future upgrades as required by industry needs.  Assist with training and process documentation.

What brought you to Galen?

I had some friends and colleagues working here and when the opportunity came to join, I jumped in head first.  I wanted to be a part of the excellent services that Galen provides, the flexibility we allow both our clients and employees, and yes, the culture!

What do you like about the culture here?

I like the fact that everyone is so close to each other and willing to help whenever and wherever needed.  We always hear about a company having a family like atmosphere, but with Galen you truly feel it.  It’s also something that is unique and never feels forced.

What has been most unexpected about working here?

The most unexpected thing is the lack of micro managing which allows employees to grow and learn on their own, yet leadership is there when needed.  That sort of autonomy leads to a stronger bond and happier employees.

What are you looking forward to as we continue to grow as a company?

I am looking forward to achieving greater success both inside and outside the EHR industry.   As we grow, I look forward to maintaining our family like atmosphere and even expanding that quota to other companies as they try to emulate us.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Coming into the company and 3 days later being sent on a yearlong assignment at a client site.  That wouldn’t qualify as a proud achievement if it wasn’t for the fact that I went into a Systems Administration role without prior knowledge of the role or the client.  I excelled at it under duress and did it with a smile while managing several challenges and people.  Putting me in that role after being with Galen for less than 72 hours also showed how much faith they had in my abilities.

Anything else you think is important for someone to know about Galen?

Galen is a place where you will not be put in a position of failure.  You will always have a support system.  We encourage and celebrate each other’s success.  We pride ourselves in hiring the right people.  So if you become a part of the Galen family, then consider yourself to be part of something very special!

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