#IAmGalen: Michael Ficociello, Managing Consultant

#IAmGalen: Michael Ficociello, Managing Consultant

MichaelFicociello What sort of work did you do in college?

I majored in Psychology with a focus on Organizational Psychology which is the people-side of growing effective organizations. Creativity, collaboration, innovation, that sort of thing.

 What were you looking for during your job search? What made you choose Galen?

I was already working in consulting when the opportunity came along to join Galen. I was being sent on solo gigs to manage projects for clients and really enjoyed working with the client teams but felt my employer just did not have the kind of forward thinking culture I was looking for. Two people I knew I would enjoy working with asked me to join Galen so it was an easy decision.

 What team did you join at Galen and what does that team do?

I joined the Upgrade Team, helping clients plan and complete upgrades to their EHRs. Back then the upgrades were complicated and required a lot of planning and oversight to ensure that providers and patients were not impacted in any negative way. We still do that work but the vendor upgrade processes are more streamlined now so our focus has moved on to new challenges like Migrations, HIEs and cloud-based solutions.

 Tell us about some cool work you’ve done in Professional Services…

Part of the reason organizations hire consultants is that if you have something that you are only going to do once or that it is not cost-effective for your team to become expert in, you hire a consultant who specializes in that area. As a consultant you benefit from this specialization by dealing with the same problem in many organizations and bringing that expertise to each new project. On the other hand each organization is different and you have to take those differences into account and also become part of their team and way of doing things.

Upgrading software or migrating data is not cool the way creating a new app is cool. What’s cool is coming into a situation where a team is tight on time and resources and has concerns about the project, and then working within their team to make the whole process easy and fun. By the end you have made some new friends and it always feels good to help your friends!

 Galen’s culture is pretty unique – what’s your favorite aspect of it?

When a member of our team is working on a project for a client and comes across a question, new system or technical challenge, they can reach out to the entire company for help. When you ask for help, you get it, because everyone knows they may be the one asking next time. Do you have a training curriculum for X, a testing plan for Y, has anyone worked with this system, can someone help me solve this issue my client is having? We have professional services, technical services and development all under one roof so whatever assistance is needed someone can provide it. Many of our services and products have grown out of these initial assistance requests.

 What has been most unexpected about working here?

One thing that I have learned while working here is how important relationships are to work. Of course relationships are important but I have seen so many examples of how just doing a good job was not enough and building a relationship with a coworker or client was what really mattered in getting through challenges and feeling great about the work.

 What advice would you give graduating seniors interested in joining the Galen team?

I think some of the most important things are really basic.

  • The ability to focus, to read an entire email and understand it before responding
  • Being resourceful, the nature of our work requires people who can figure out what people and resources are available to them to learn something, create something or solve a problem.
  • Another thing I like to see is if people try to address the root-cause when something is slowing down or causing problems for our team or our clients. Some problems are just one-offs and are not worth this extra effort but we need people who are interested in continuous improvement, innovation and excellence and not just focused on their own work. Many of the tools and resources we use were built in house by members of the team who wanted to make things better or easier. Our documented knowledge and methods are the result of collaborative editing from the entire team.


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