MEDITECH 6.X Infographic: Facing Transition Decisions

MEDITECH 6.X Infographic: Facing Transition Decisions

MEDITECH’s long anticipated 6.1 platform is here, and the promise of a clinically-integrated, state-of-the-art healthcare solution that’s meeting the needs of large IDNs, small critical access hospitals, and everything in between is ready to be fulfilled.

Dr. John D. Halamka, MD, MS, CIO Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, elaborates on this promise in a post on his blog:

My only advice to them was to create  a few full featured, highly usable products rather than try to launch an entire suite of products simultaneously that lack comprehensive functionality. The 6.0 product was a complete re-platforming for MEDITECH which resulted in some upgraded products not having all the features of their 5.x predecessors.

In the past two years, Epic has gained a very large share of the hospital IT marketplace.  Since competition is a good thing for the industry, I’m hopeful that MEDITECH 6.1 will be very attractive to hospitals which want to implement a modern platform at an attractive price.

MEDITECH’s new vision is bold and in my opinion, right on track. I’m eagerly awaiting the production delivery of 6.1.

What does this mean for MEDITECH clients? From MEDITECH:

For providers, 6.1 means universal access to the complete patient story across the continuum; all the right information is just a touch away, when and where you need it. For patients, it means your caregivers can focus all their attention on you, rather than their device.

6.1 will revolutionize the way you work. Better still, it puts the Web EHR’s mobility in your hands.

That said, many current clients on legacy MEDITECH Client/Server and MAGIC platforms – ~800 of ~1200 (66%) of current clients – face a transition decision. Most, including Denni McColm, CIO at Citizens Memorial Hospital, are “watching and waiting” before they commit to a more advanced platform. Denni recently shared her perspective with healthsystemCIO:

 “We’re on MEDITECH’s Client/Server version, which is not their older version and not their newest version, and we have it implemented really everywhere that MEDITECH serves. So we have the hospital systems, home care, long-term care, emergency services, surgical center — all the way across the continuum. We plan to go to their latest version sometime in the next few years to get the ambulatory interface for the providers. It should be very efficient — reduced clicks, its mobile friendly, and our docs are anxious to move to it,” but we’ll decide when the time is right, she says.

We looked deeper into the decision facing current and prospective MEDITECH clients and are pleased to share the insights we captured via our MEDITECH 6.X infographic, developed in collaboration with HIMSS Analytics. The infographic sheds light on the profiles of the current user base (including financial performance), delivers insight into the key metrics that the 6.X platform delivers, and displays planned upgrade timelines by version. We hope you find the infographic insightful and valuable as you weigh a 6.X transition. For more information regarding MEDITECH 6.X migration, download our playbook.


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