Galen’s Top 10 Reasons to Migrate Your Data

Galen’s Top 10 Reasons to Migrate Your Data

Why should you migrate your data when transitioning to a new EHR?  Galen has 10 reasons for you!

The most common reason for not migrating data is thinking there’s not enough time or money. We’re here to tell you the ROI is much higher than you think. There’s a good deal of data that will need to be reentered overtime and if you’re counting on clinicians’ or clinician’s staff, it is going to cost a lot more than a migration would. Think of all the man hours it would take to record the data as well as the lost efficiencies of not having all that data at the tips of your staff’s fingers.

Making the switch to a new system doesn’t have to be intimidating. Galen’s analysts can extract and map data from your legacy system, keeping workflows and functionality intact. Our conversion platform features an extensible plugin-based architecture, proven libraries and nearly limitless scalability. We support multiple standards, nomenclatures and technology allowing us to tackle nearly any conversion. No source system is too complex or large.

Keep our infographic in mind when it comes down to data migration decision time.

Download the full EMR data migration whitepaper for additional considerations, tips, tricks and best practices.

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