#IAmGalen: Michael Commo, Senior Software Engineer

#IAmGalen: Michael Commo, Senior Software Engineer

MichaelCommoHow long have you been at Galen, and what do you do here?

It feels like so much longer than it’s actually been. I joined Galen in the spring of 2013.  Initially, I worked directly with our clients building and maintaining custom software solutions, integrating disparate systems, and migrating data between systems.  I currently develop software for Galen’s nascent suite of cloud-hosted product offerings – contributing thus far predominantly to the platform and infrastructure that powers Galen’s products.

What brought you to Galen?

Disbelief, mostly.  I’d heard many really good things about Galen, and I needed to find out whether or not they were true. It turns out, the consultants really are industry experts in their respective areas. Everyone pulls their fair share of the weight. And clients actually do come first (that’s not just a cheesy slogan).  Those rumors have since been vindicated by Galen’s placement in Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work and multiple Best in KLAS awards across Galen’s service offerings.  I wanted to work with colleagues that shared the same values and work ethic as I did, that’s why I joined Galen.

What do you like about the culture here?

I honestly couldn’t have picked better people to surround myself with each day if I’d tried.  Many companies are marred by cliques and by disgruntled employees.  Galen has neither.  I’ve heard colleagues refer to the collective as “my Galen family,” and I think that term describes the culture here better than anything I could come up with myself.  We eat lunch together; we help each other solve tough problems; we stay late to help one another simply to ensure no one person gets left alone.  It’s a very inclusive and considerate place to work.

What has been most unexpected about working here?

The “givers take all” mentality was foreign to me when I joined Galen.  It was the first time where I’d seen employees praised for doing intangible work.  Most employers “promote” the helping and sharing but few actually recognize and reward for it.  I distinctly remember, a few years back, failing to meet one of my goals that directly ties to my candidacy for receiving a bonus, and then receiving one anyway.  More importantly, I received praise and thanks for helping onboard and train new employees. I realized then what a standup group of people we have leading the company.

What achievement are you most proud of?

I’m quite proud of the infinitely scalable, cloud-hosted, message-based, distributed system that Galen built with our partner Pinpoint Care.  The system/solution powering Pinpoint’s application is an architectural feat of engineering, unlike any software project I’ve been apart of before.  When Pinpoint re-launched on this new platform, I realized what a talented group of individuals I work alongside, and just how well we work as a team.  I’m not sure if I’m prouder of the team I work with or prouder of the accomplishment itself.

What are you looking forward to as we continue to grow as a company?

I’m looking forward to seeing Galen’s products flourish.  Galen’s focus has always been on service excellence, but I have a lot of confidence that current and upcoming products will not only benefit our clients, but will also help to make our bread-and-butter services more organized and predictable.   I’m particularly excited to witness the launch of our cloud-hosted health record archival solution; finally bringing to market an ultra-affordable solution for sun-setting legacy EHR systems.


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