InterSystems HealthConnect: An Introduction

InterSystems HealthConnect: An Introduction

As an industry leader in data migrations, Galen witnesses the consolidation of not only organizations and staff, but also data. Lots and lots of data. When dealing with migrations, the efficient storage and transfer of this data is always a concern. However, organizations must understand that the integration engines driving the day-to-day operations must be capable of handling the increased traffic.

Meaningful Use was an early driver for healthcare organizations to begin integrating disparate systems;  Both within their network and also with facilities outside of their network, such as lab vendors, imaging facilities, and HIE’s. Now, there are other initiatives like PQRS and PCMH working alongside the move from fee-for-service to performance-based payment models. These new payment and incentive models require organizations to monitor a patient through the complete care plan.  With that, additional data is required to make accurate and informed decisions.

If you sit in an introductory business class, a professor might ask you what makes companies like Walmart and Amazon so successful. Two-day shipping would be my first answer! If professors are advising correctly, the answer is “logistics”. In Healthcare IT, logistics revolves around the integration engine. A software that allows organizations to handle, transform, and direct most, if not all, vital traffic. Like the logistic models these two companies setup, an organization’s integration model and software must be fast, nimble, and scalable. The InterSystems Health Connect health service-bus, developed on top of their Caché® database, allows organizations to easily handle expanding data needs.  No more worries of diminishing performance, long development cycles, or expensive hardware updates.

Join us on Wednesday, June 8th as we give an introduction and walk-through of InterSystems HealthConnect. Find out how it can help your organization achieve and continue its integration needs.

Missed the webcast?  You can catch the whole presentation on our YouTube channel!

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