#IAmGalen Series

#IAmGalen Series

Galen’s culture is not something we want to leave up to chance. It is a collective effort that embodies our 5 Main Things constantly. Our Leadership and Management actively pursue ways to ensure that Galen’s culture is evolving in a healthy, productive manner. By combining razor sharp knowledge with the best talent in the business, we are able to build a foundation for great relationships and exceptional results.

Because our employees make our culture, we’ve begun building a base of profiles highlighting our awesome Galeneers, in hopes of conveying just how unique our culture is to prospective candidates and for others to learn more about us.  We want to hire people who want to work with us—and while job descriptions are great at reporting the facts we want to show you how we live it.


(Having Fun – it’s one of our 5 main things! Happy Red Nose Day!)

While every Galeneer is exceptional and contributes their own special talents, the one specific thing we all have in common is our culture. Get to know us better with #IAmGalen:

Want to learn more?  Check out our current openings or contact us below for more information:

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