#IAmGalen: Julia Snapp, Managing Consultant, Epic Services

#IAmGalen: Julia Snapp, Managing Consultant, Epic Services

JuliaSnapp When did you join Galen, and what do you do here?

I joined Galen in November of 2012. I am the Manager of our Epic Services Team and oversee all of our clinical data migration projects (sales, staffing, project execution, and refining our methodology).

What was your background prior to joining Galen?

I have been working in healthcare IT since my internship in college. I started off at Allscripts and traveled full-time for over two years. I wanted to get off the road so I got a job at my local hospital that was implementing Epic. I started on day one and continued implementing Epic for over 5 years.  Starting on the Inpatient Orders team managing laboratory build and workflows and then moved over to the Ambulatory team and lead the pediatric implementation.

What made you join us?

I worked with Erin Sain, current Galen COO, on a project back in 2007. I always wanted to work with her again and heard great things about Galen. Then when Jason and Erin told me that the offices were dog friendly, I was committed and have never looked back.

We’ve grown significantly since you started – what are some of the biggest changes you’ve witnessed?

Over the past the three years, I have seen Galen diversify its offerings and employees expand their knowledge base. When I joined, all of our employees knew Allscripts inside and out. Some consultants were familiar with other vendors, which they gained prior to joining Galen. However, with the shift in the marketplace, we have helped our clients consolidate their multiple EHRs and in turn learned a lot about other EHRs. On my team, everyone now has experience working with at least one EHR – primarily Allscripts, Epic, MEDITECH, Cerner, GE, eCW, NextGen, MedInformatix, CPSI, Greenway, etc.

What are you looking forward to as we continue to grow as a company?

We have some of the smartest people I have ever worked with and with our recent #1 in KLAS rankings, in two of our offerings, I look forward to Galen Healthcare Solutions becoming more recognized in the industry.

What is something awesome your team has accomplished lately?

My team has been extremely busy helping groups with data migration projects.  From providing legacy staff augmentation support, to the actual patient and clinical data conversion, to target system implementations, and legacy archiving projects. We have completed over 200 data migration projects and have many underway. Every day, I am impressed with how our team collaborates and shares information across projects. We put a lot of time and energy in making sure we are providing the best services with productivity and satisfaction in mind.

What advice would you have for someone thinking about joining your team?

Galen is a great place to work. We are all about collaboration and everyone has a voice. Everyone brings something unique to the team. Our greatest employees think outside of the box. They look for ways to improve our processes and make our work more efficient, helping increase the quality we are able to provide. Everyone has the ability to make an impact at Galen and with our clients.

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