It Is Always About the Patient…Always

It Is Always About the Patient…Always

A year or so ago, the mother of a friend traveled from her remote village in Mexico to New York.  This mother saw her son for the first time in 20 years, and she was able to meet her teenage grandchildren.  A couple of weeks into her visit, she developed extreme abdominal pain.  We were all shocked when the doctor uttered the words… “Stage 4 colon cancer”.  We had her records transferred and translated only to find out that imaging from two years ago had shown an abdominal mass.   For reasons unknown, she was not told, and the condition was not investigated.

We are very fortunate in this country to have access to healthcare.  While some of the sensational stories, especially in this heated political environment, reflect anything but decent healthcare, it has not been my experience having worked in the industry for the past 25 years.  Utilizing technology as an avenue to drive initiatives across the country improves our healthcare system, and Galen Healthcare Solutions has the expertise to contribute across the board.

  • The Conversion moves the patient’s allergies, medications, and history from one electronic health system to another, maintaining continuity of care
  • The Portal Initiative project enables increased patient engagement
  • The Security project safeguards patient health records
  • The Health Information Exchange (HIE) project helps different organizations become interoperable to share patient information seamlessly
  • The Interface build brings results directly into the electronic health record (EHR) so that providers can quickly notify patients
  • The Go Live support helps providers use a new EHR efficiently
  • The Optimization project works directly with providers to develop workflow efficiencies so more time can be spent with patients
  • The ICD-10 and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) training helps providers to accurately describe and select a patient diagnosis
  • The Strategic project finds creative ways to increase provider satisfaction and retention rates
  • The Transformation services project helps organizations receive reimbursement for the services they are already providing

Much like diseases that cross the boundaries of age, gender, race, and political affiliation, Health Information Technology (HIT) touches everyone.  Regardless of the project, we are always cognizant of the fact that our role in healthcare holds critical importance.  Our own Max Stroud, describes it extremely well in this blog.  I am so fortunate to work for Galen, a company that not only remembers, but personifies the drive to have positive impacts on patient care.


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