Success Story: dbMotion HIE Implementation

Success Story: dbMotion HIE Implementation


The tides of the HIT industry are forever in motion. From shifts in payment structures, to influxes of acquisitions, and implementations of new solutions. Many organizations find themselves afflicted with D.R.I.P. (Data Rich, Information Poor) syndrome. They begin to realize the need to funnel this information to meet interoperability goals.

On the surface, while most would agree that sharing patient information ultimately best serves the patient, there are many logistical challenges with how to accomplish this. It is no longer just a matter of exchanging records, but an issue of normalizing disparate data so it can be used effectively. One forward-thinking organization selected dbMotion as their HIE solution back in 2012. Within 12 months they started sharing information across an impressive network of hospitals and clinics.

Galen Healthcare Solutions was right there every step of the way.  View the recently published case study documenting the achievement and the lessons learned throughout the implementation.  Looking for more information? Contact us below:


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