TouchWorks 15.1: Potential Sensitive Health Conditions

TouchWorks 15.1: Potential Sensitive Health Conditions

Patient privacy in an EHR is a subject at the front of everyone’s minds, patient and health care worker alike. The HIPAA Privacy Rule affords protection to all patients.  It also provides special protection to patients with certain diagnoses or treatments for conditions, such as mental health, HIV/AIDS, or substance abuse.  In an effort to provide more options for patient security around potentially sensitive health conditions, TouchWorksTM V15.1 has an added layer of security to flag patients who fit into those categories.

In the Patient Profile Dialog Clinical Information, there is a new field for Potentially Sensitive Health. This will flag patient charts that might contain potentially sensitive health conditions. If checked, the Available Communities in the Community Information section are all are automatically set to Not Shared. These can be manually changed to Shared if the patient provided appropriate written consent to the organization.

Sensitive PHI

There is also new audit tracking that monitors any changes made to the patient’s community values or to the Potentially Sensitive Health checkbox.

For more information for managing the Potentially Sensitive Health value and preference considerations, visit our wiki.  You can also contact us below for more information:

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