VitalCenter Online – Archival (VCO) is now available!

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve and consolidate, healthcare organizations are now faced with the uncertainty of maintaining multiple patient records across numerous EHRs, while also managing costs. Galen’s latest product solution is here to, not only help maintain, but also facilitate better quality of care. VitalCenter Online – Archival (VCO) offers access to data across virtually any legacy EHR source system, without requiring any system specific training. VCO has the ability to preserve original naming conventions and full change history. It takes an active role in the continuity of patient care. VCO stores clinical and PM data, while also satisfying legal data retention requirements at the federal and state level. This includes data element version details at the patient level, source system audit records, and auditing internal to VCO. VitalCenter Online – Archival meets both, HIPAA and HITECH, standards.

VCO is easily accessible through a single sign-on and custom domain settings. Once logged in, the intuitive application allows you to search and view patient data by legacy system and by patient. Clinicians are able to navigate through a patient’s chart and review active and historical patient data such as problems, medications, vitals, allergies, orders, immunizations, and more. Documents, such as office notes or scanned images, can be stored as textual or image based documents. VCO also simplifies how to manage a patient’s data across multiple EHRs. In the patient’s chart, users can utilize the patient linking feature to seamlessly toggle between views displaying data from one EHR to the next.

Whether you are transitioning to a new EHR by way of data conversion or retiring legacy systems to reduce costs, Galen will pair VitalCenter Online – Archival with our best in KLAS conversion services team to ensure your data is stored securely and is easy to retrieve. To learn more about VitalCenter Online – Archival, click here to schedule your demo today.

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