TouchWorks 15.1: Allergy Status Enhancements

TouchWorks 15.1: Allergy Status Enhancements

There are several new Allergy Status enhancements that have been delivered with TouchWorksTM 15.1 that should improve the workflows that users routinely run into throughout the day.


The Allergy Status Unknown message has been renamed to Rx without Allergy Information, and there are now options to manage the allergy list from the dialog box without backing out or clicking to different tabs in the ACI. From the warning dialog box, users can now select Record NKDA and continue, Record NKA and continue, Add Allergies (which conveniently pops up a limited version of the ACI for entry with fewer clicks), or Continue without adding allergies.


The Allergen Warning message is now Non-med Allergen Warning. This will allow users to quickly review and be aware of all the patient’s allergies prior to prescribing a medication, not just those listed on the Non-med Allergen Warning. When View the Patient’s complete Allergy List is chosen, the QuickChart displays on the Allergies tab so the full list of allergies is easily visible, again without having to back out of the current prescribing process and search for other tabs.


The Unverified Allergies Exist warning has been updated to be clearer and provide an option for an alternate workflow. Based on preference settings, users can choose to Continue with unverified allergies (Medication Details dialog will display) or Close to return to the allergy list to verify the list with the patient.

Visit our wiki to see the build requirements for the new Allergy Status enhancements, as well as the other Medication/RX Enhancements with v15.1! If you’re looking for more information don’t hesitate to contact us below:

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