TouchWorks 15.1: Immunization Enhancements

TouchWorks 15.1: Immunization Enhancements

As we continue to explore TouchWorksTM 15.1, we see that Allscripts has provided users with new options for the Immunization Enhancements Series. One of these enhancements allows the total number of immunizations administered to display in parentheses (5) next to the immunization name. This feature enables the user to view the total number of immunizations administered for a patient in the Immunization Series grid at a glance without having to scroll through the list. Community data immunizations are included in the count before they are imported.

This can be a quick reference for reviewing immunization schedules such as the Hepatitis B series, DTaP, HIB, IPV, etc. So many of these immunizations have a range of ages when they can be given. Take for example a child getting the first Hep A shot between ages 12 and 23 months; we know the second is needed 6 – 18 months later, and we can now easily tell from the number of doses administered (without scrolling from side to side through ALL instances of all immunizations) whether the patient already has or has not received his/her second Hep A vaccination.

Check out our wiki for the full list of 15.1 immunization enhancements and other great tips and tricks on 15.1 configurations. Looking for more information? Contact us below:

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