TouchWorks 15.1: Note Enhancements

TouchWorks 15.1: Note Enhancements

Have you seen the news about Allscripts TouchWorksTM 15.1?  Wow!  There are some great note enhancements with V11.  Included in this is the ability for providers to create personal text macros and insert those macros into V11 notes, as well as many other areas in TouchWorksTM.15.1 Note Macro

Another great new feature is the ability to run note output progress checks to determine if a minimum level of documentation has been recorded for specific note outputs.

15.1 Note Output

Additionally, one of our favorites is the required fields enhancement, which enables organizations to recommend orders or require providers or staff to complete specific items when documenting clinical services. These are great options when trying to educate providers and users on necessary ICD-10 documentation.

15.1 Note Required

To learn more about this and many other new features, please join us for a free 15.1 note enhancement webcast on January 29, 2016 at 2 p.m. EST.  We will review all of the note enhancements and demonstrate them in the 15.1 environment. Looking for more information? Contact us below:

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