Success Story: HIE Participant Connectivity – Powered by GalenETL

Success Story: HIE Participant Connectivity – Powered by GalenETL

With the HIT spotlight shining so brightly on Meaningful Use this past half-decade, health information exchanges (HIE) have managed to fly somewhat under the radar.  Still, we can all recognize the value that HIEs generate, especially in communities that are littered with disparate EHR instances which “do not talk to each other.”   This includes identical EHR applications from the same vendor, distinct EHRs within a single organization, and perhaps even those on the verge of product sunsetting.

Galen recently partnered with the North Carolina Health Information Exchange (NC HIE) and North Carolina Community Care Networks, Inc. (CCNC), to assist in connecting 330+ participating practices across the state.  Utilizing the GalenETL solution, the team was able to securely and efficiently deliver 10 discreet clinical data elements in standard HL7 format from facilities running 11 distinct source EMRs.  To learn more about the GalenETL solution at NC HIE and CCNC, check out the full Rapid, Secure, Efficient Participant Connectivity— powered by GalenETL case study.

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