Please Get Rid of That Superbill

Please Get Rid of That Superbill

Most healthcare organizations, large and small, have adopted an EHR by now.  It’s a prerequisite that allows for the capture all of the data needed to understand patient populations and provide better patient care.  It’s interesting though, in today’s technologically-driven healthcare world, going into a practice and finishing a visit only to see the provider filling out a superbill.  Why are organizations spending so much on technology and leaving one of their main streams of revenue on a piece of paper?  The codes from that slip of paper eventually make it into the Practice Management system… unless for some reason that superbill is misplaced, which then presents a whole host of issues.

Luckily, there is a better solution to capturing charges: the Touchworks™ EHR Charge module.  Combined with the Touchworks™ EHR itself, the Charge module allows a provider to complete an entire visit and submit charges without ever having to physically touch a superbill.  There are obvious benefits to this, such as faster charge submission which equates to faster reimbursement and never searching for a lost superbill again.

Come join us Friday, December 18 for an in-depth look at the Touchworks™ EHR Charge module.   We’ll take a look at a few more of the benefits, some organizational considerations, and how to plan out a successful implementation of this module.  We’ll also take a look inside the application to better understand the workflows that are implemented with Charge, as well as what is required for building and maintaining the Charge module.  Through the webcast, we hope to provide you with the tools needed to implement Charge at your organization and do away with those superbills.

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