MEDITECH Data Repository Database

MEDITECH Data Repository Database

As the emphasis in the healthcare IT industry shifts from data capture to improved results, the ability to understand EHR databases, extract data, and meaningfully employ it towards targeted outcomes becomes increasingly important.  The fee-for-service model is shrinking, and CMS has already made a push to mandate once voluntary pay-for-performance (P4P) programs, vaulting the need for accurate and nimble reporting capabilities near the top of many organizations’ priority lists.  In the past, we’ve used custom reporting to drive measurable workflow optimization in Allscripts TouchWorksTM through notes, tasks, and referral orders.  The Galen Note Form Reporting tool, which extracts structured and unstructed note data into discrete, normalized SQL tables, has helped many organizations achieve reports for incentive programs requirements (such as PCMHs and ACOs).

We’re excited to extend our database and reporting expertise to one of our newer forays, the MEDITECH acute care modules and ambulatory suite.  To learn more about the MEDITECH Data Repository (DR) Database, join us Wednesday, September 2, for a free webcast with Galen’s MEDITECH reporting experts, where we’ll delve into the fundamentals necessary to harvest data, build reports, and extract value from the database.

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