Clinical Data: Hey, You Are Migrating Your EHR, Take Me With You!!

Clinical Data: Hey, You Are Migrating Your EHR, Take Me With You!!

In the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, many health systems and group practices have been faced with a tough decision. Are you migrating your EHR?  This involves a large investment in time and resources as the decision to migrate is not what many had envisioned when they initially did their due diligence and signed their first EHR contract.  Those days are now in the past with the implementation of Meaningful Use, ICD-10, and payment reform.


When migrating your EHR, don’t forget you have the option to take your data with you!  Not investing time to understand your options can leave your providers and staff with no data or missing data at go-live, which could pose a problem, especially when continuity of care is so integral to today’s healthcare environment.  Additional considerations include evaluating what options for converted data your new EHR provides, expertise of internal or external resources to convert the data, and retention requirements for your data that vary by state.  This leads to a cost-benefit analysis based on the costs of the data migration compared to the clinical efficiencies and patient care benefits of the migration.

Understanding the options and processes available to your organization are vital to your EHR migration.  The good news is that there are several conversion vendors that exist, specialize, and operate in the data conversion market, including Galen Healthcare.  A conversion vendor should be able to speak with experience and help guide you through this process so you can focus on organizational and workflow changes that come with an EHR migration.

Join us Wednesday, August 12, 2015 for a webcast that discusses the migration trend, questions to consider, and the types of data are typically available when transitioning to a new EHR.  We’ll speak to some of the hesitations you may have and discuss strategies and ways to bring this topic to the forefront of your organization’s migration plan.  We’ll provide questions to help guide internal discussions about your data conversation decision, for example, how key is clinical quality measure reporting to your organization?  Do you want to continue to report in your new EHR where efficiencies can be had, or run these reports in two separate systems?  What data elements are key to your organization and providers during patient care, and what does your continuum of care lifecycle look like?  Ultimately, how does your data migration strategy meet your organizational needs?  To learn more about this or any of our other presentations in our, check out our free webcasts series! Contact us for more information below:

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