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A “Wiki” is a web application “which allows collaborative modification, extension, or deletion of its content and structure,” but to Galen it is much more than that. One of our core tenets is to “Perpetually Learn and Share,” and there is no better platform than our healthcare wiki to share our knowledge with the HIT community.

We have always encouraged our wiki visitors to contribute their insights as well, making the repository of information you find not only very robust, but also containing many varying experiences and perspectives. The wiki’s foundation was originally built upon our Allscripts TouchWorksTM EHR expertise, but over the past few years it has expanded to include other systems and healthcare topics. Our most recent addition is the new MEDITECH wiki, which will be your go-to place for all things regarding MEDITECH.

Just a few examples of helpful information you can find throughout our wiki:

Allscripts TouchWorksTM EHR


In June of this year Galen launched its new MEDITECH wiki page! It hosts a myriad of information containing interesting MEDITECH articles, educational materials, and case studies. Some of the categories include:

  • Data conversions – Galen has extensive experience in migrating data to and from MEDITECH EHRs. Our MEDITECH wiki includes details on this process.
  • Reporting – Capturing important data from an EHR is imperative with Meaningful Use, pay-for-performance incentives, and new value-based reimbursement models. You will find some interesting MEDITECH reporting subjects on our wiki.
  • Interfaces – This section includes helpful information on MEDITECH interface specifications and interface resources
  • Optimization – Our Optimization section contains frequently asked questions and specific information on optimizing your Mobile Health applications

Feel free to utilize our MEDITECH wiki information and add your own interesting tidbits!
We thank all of our clients and visitors who have helped grow this repository of knowledge and invite all of you reading this to join in the collaboration. If you feel that you have knowledge to share, please contact us and we will get you started on your way, the Galen way!

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