Note Form Reporting: Unlock the Value of V11 Data

The Problem

Allscripts TouchWorks™ EHR v11 Notes contain valuable patient data collected by clinicians during each encounter. The data captured is electronically stored in an ambiguous data format (XML), a format that poses a huge challenge when attempting to aggregate patient information for reporting purposes. Now, more than ever, healthcare organizations are obligated to capture and report data on individual patients and populations in order to support quality improvement initiatives related to risk-based contracts. That’s why organizations that utilize TouchWorks™ EHR are looking for unique methods to facilitate simple end-user data collection and uncomplicated reporting and data mining processes.


The Solution

Galen Healthcare Solutions has developed the Note Form Reporting solution to automate the process of extracting and converting the ambiguous TouchWorks EHR v11 Note data into a discrete and reportable format. With Note Form Reporting, our clients have the ability to aggregate any data type that is documented within the TouchWorks EHR v11 Note, including discrete findings, custom (semi-discrete) findings, and even free text. This solution has unlocked a range of innovative solutions for our clients that optimize clinical data capture workflows directly in the Note Authoring Workspace. Organizations that utilize the Note Form Reporting solution have streamlined their efforts to capture and report data related to PCMH certification, HEDIS measurement and improvement, and Chronic Care Management.

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Use Cases

PCMHUtilize the TouchWorks™ EHR v11 Note to capture data related to Patient Centered Medical Home, including documenting and reporting on patient goals.

PQRS – Access clinical data that supports reports related to clinical performance outreach.

HEDIS – Facilitate the capture and reporting of data points related to HEDIS and MSSP programs. NoteForm reporting provides the ability to add CPTII and CPT4 codes directly to the encounter form from the Note Authoring Workspace. Clients utilize this feature to capture CPTII codes related to CMS STAR HEDIS Measures, such as Care of Older Adults.

BMI Reporting – Note Form Reporting automatically determines the appropriate diagnosis V-code for the patient’s BMI – these codes are seamlessly added to the encounter form removing the requirement for duplicate documentation within the note and the encounter form.

Chronic Care Management – Track non-face-to-face coordination time for patients enrolled in the Chronic Care Management program to fulfill billing requirements.

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Report on Historical Note Data – Note Form Reporting also provides the ability to report historical note data to facilitate data mining.

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