Successfully Attest for Meaningful Use While Simultaneously Converting to a New EHR

MU Conversion2

With seemingly everyone trying to consolidate and take advantage of economies of scale, some of the biggest trends in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape are conversions and mergers.  Is your organization making the move to a new EHR?  Is your group entertaining the idea of acquiring another hospital or outpatient facility?  Outside of the business-related articles that will directly impact an organization during an acquisition, there are many other important items to take into account that may fly under the radar.

One of which is Meaningful Use, and the ability to effectively manage both the conversion from a Legacy system to your new Target EHR, and your physicians’ MU successful attestations.  We find it wise to consider the following prior to kicking off a project:

  • Are there resources in place and are they experienced?
  • Is the conversion team skilled enough to populate all necessary fields with the appropriate information for MU reporting?
  • Are there configuration experts available from both EHRs who can collaborate and communicate effectively about the MU requirements?
  • Is the project manager experienced with other conversions and does he/she understand the caveats that come with MU reporting?

Although Meaningful Use is tapering down, don’t leave any of that money on the table!  To learn more about how to manage an EHR conversion and MU attestations simultaneously, join us for a free webcast this Friday, June 19.  Having facilitated many EHR conversions, Galen is uniquely positioned to partner with healthcare organizations who are about to engage in such an undertaking.  We have the system analysts, MU resources, and technically savvy specialists to give the proper recommendations and project leadership that will provide your organization with a leg up in keeping things on track.  Managing multiple projects is always a difficult task, but with enough foresight and preparation, you can position your organization for success, despite the interdependent project timelines. Contact Galen today:

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