Care coordination is complicated. Your solution shouldn’t be.

FREE Webcast – PinpointCare: Coordinating Care By Design

Galen Healthcare Solutions is excited to be collaborating with PinpointCare, to bring you its one-of-a-kind platform for management of these Episodes of Care. Join us for a webcast where we will share the details of the easy-to-use application that allows the care team to closely monitor adherence to the care plans associated with each Episode of Care. It is done in real-time collaboration regardless of setting: acute, ambulatory, rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, home health or outpatient physical therapy. If you are in or considering Bundled Payment contracting, you do not want to miss this webcast! Details and registration information for the webcast are available here.Bundled payments are increasingly becoming a popular form of risk-based contracting. Commercial payers along with Medicare are offering a payment model where organizations agree to participate and enter into payment arrangements that include both financial and performance accountability for specific Episodes of Care. The goal being to keep the cost down and to decrease the chance of patient readmission. The episodes range from procedures associated with Orthopedic surgery to the management of chronic conditions.

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