Allscripts Wand/Remote: Considerations to Take Before You Implement

“There’s an app for that” 


Who hasn’t heard that line before?  Particularly in medicine, that slogan seems to be evolving in the healthcare field as developers, hospitals, and other industry organizations jockey to provide a mobile solution for the ever-growing mobile market in which over 64% of adults in the US own a smartphone. (Smith, 2015)

Let’s break this down into your practice or health system that uses Allscripts TouchWorksTM EHR.

Who hasn’t experienced a provider or manager asking you to integrate their device into your TouchWorksTM EHR?  Or to at least explore the possibilities?  You have either heard of Allscripts WandTM and Allscripts Remote+TM, or will shortly find out that Allscripts has developed two products that facilitate the use of their TouchWorksTM EHR on a mobile device.

Though before you jump into the world of Allscripts mobile usage, you should consider the strategy and best practices that come with offering users access on personal or company-owned devices.  While the WandTM and Remote+TM applications can offer the convenience and workflow needed for your organization, you should embark on a methodical approach to implementing this access.  Besides security implications, there are performance and technical configurations that we recommend, and reporting opportunities that can be used to track utilization and audit your users’ mobile usage.

If you have any of the following questions, make sure you join us as we discuss our recommended approach to Allscripts WandTMand Remote+TM implementation.  Details and registration information for the webcast are available here:

  • What does WandTM and Remote+TM even provide a user?
  • How can we get this installed without impacting desktop users’ performance?
  • How can I secure a device that we don’t even own?
  • How do I know people are using WandTM?


Smith A.  U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015. Pew Research Center. Published April 1, 2015. Accessed April 8, 2015.

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