Are You Ready for the Shift to Value based Payment Models? – Part 3

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The level of excitement organizations are feeling with the prospect of moving to a value-based care approach, which we discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, is trumped only by the questions and apprehensions with how to get there.  Galen Healthcare Solutions is excited about the benefits of moving into value-based care, but how do our partners and our clients achieve the Triple Aim, while at the same time, adopting new payment models?  Is it possible to improve the experience of care, improve the health of populations, all while reducing costs?

The simple answer is, yes.

As organizations begin their journey to assume the financial risks associated with managing the care for large populations of patients, knowing where to start that journey is the challenge.  At Galen, we look to find the most efficient and effective ways to assist our clients in accomplishing their goals as they transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance models.  In an effort to help our clients find a care coordination solution that results in better care, better health, and lower costs, Galen made the decision to collaborate with PinpointCare.  The purpose of the PinpointCare solution is simple – develop a cutting edge platform to connect all of a patient’s care providers.  Together, PinpointCare and Galen have implemented a powerful solution for clients who participate in the Medicare Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative (BPCI), organizations who participate in bundled payment initiatives with private payers, and organizations seeking to better manage episodic events, chronic diagnoses, and wellness care plans.

The PinpointCare platform allows the care team to work with a patient to create a personalized, but dynamic care plan to support the patient through all phases of care.  An intuitive dashboard gives the care team the ability to closely monitor adherence to the care plan and make the necessary adjustments along the way.  The web-based platform that is available anywhere, anytime, allows real-time collaboration around the patient’s care in the acute setting, ambulatory setting, rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, home health and outpatient physical therapy.  The care plan truly follows the patient throughout the entire span of their care, so at any point, if a patient is off-plan, immediate real-time adjustments are made to better care for the patient.  A patient’s involvement in their care plan is key.  With PinpointCare, the patient is involved from start to finish in developing the appropriate care plan to best meet their needs.  See how one patient was able to keep herself on plan when things went off course: Penny’s Story.

Whether the need is to track patients through a particular surgical or medical episode, through diagnosis and treatment of a chronic condition, or to track patients on a wellness care plan, PinpointCare is the solution.  The results PinpointCare have enabled are real.  A single organization utilizing the PinpointCare solution has seen a 14% reduction in hospital readmissions, a reduction of cost per DRG of 18%, and savings of over $3 million dollars – and those results are from a single year alone!  The agility of the easy-to-use platform, along with connecting the patient and the patient’s entire care network, truly allows for better health, better care, at a much lower cost.

Galen’s implementation methodology ensures that the execution of PinpointCare is very low impact to any organization.  Within a few months, Galen will configure the system, build necessary integrations with existing ancillary systems, develop customized care plans, train end-users, and launch the new platform for immediate use and cost savings.

The need to depart from an antiquated fee-for-service model is real and upon us.  The PinpointCare solution sets your organization firmly on the path to value-based care and puts the goals of the Triple Aim within reach.

Interested in seeing how PinpointCare helps move us into the new world of pay for performance AND helps achieve the Triple Aim by coordinating care by design?  Contact me at

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    Manuel Concepcion

    Is true all that you said.

    The service model should change to become more efficient with the time doctors spent and the quality patients are receiving.

    I would add to this study a quality surveillance method for phsicians and health care professionals.

    If you wish to exchange info with us let me know we are working on it in Spain.


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