Introducing Web Access for VitalCenter!

VitalCenter enables care providers to access patient clinical information when the TouchWorks EHR is unavailable. Galen’s VitalCenter clients experience both planned and unplanned EHR downtime for a variety of reasons – network outages, TouchWorks upgrades, and even hardware failures. A business continuity solution, such as VitalCenter, is essential to ensuring that physicians can provide effective care to patients with maximum efficiency during any downtime event.

Until recently, VitalCenter has only been available to care providers through a client-server application on predesignated PCs within a clinic. While this is great solution during a complete network outage, some of our key clients requested that Galen enhance the application so that patient clinical information could be accessed from any PC within a clinic when the network is still available during EHR downtime. As a result of another great enhancement request from our clients, Galen is proud to announce Web Access for VitalCenter.

The Web Access feature can be utilized from any PC within the clinic, and it provides a ton of value for those situations in which there might be severe performance issues or even an upgrade weekend when TouchWorks is not available. Web Access provides full feature parody of the VitalCenter client application, allowing users to access physician schedules, relevant patient clinical information, as well as the ability to generate downtime visit documentation through the VitalNote feature.

Approximately half of the VitalCenter client base is live with the Web Access feature, and Galen has received a lot of great feedback as to the additional value that the feature brings to the overall application. If you’re interested in learning more about VitalCenter or the Web Access feature, please contact

Vital Center Web Access


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