Syndromic Surveillance


Syndromic surveillance is a method of collecting and using clinical data for the early detection of potential disease outbreaks. For Meaningful Use Stage 2, there are several scenarios in which Eligible Providers (EP) can meet the Syndromic Surveillance Menu Set measure.  Each of those scenarios can be grouped into one of two categories:

Syndromic Surveillance is Available in your State

The first scenario occurs when an EP has been submitting information using an ONC certified EHR prior to the EP’s MU Stage 2 attestation, and continues to submit during the reporting period.  At this point in time, very few EPs fall into this category, but for those who do, no changes are necessary.

The next scenario happens when an EP registers intent with the state within 60 days of the reporting period and achieves ongoing submission of data for the reporting period.

Syndromic Surveillance is not Currently Available in your State

For many states Syndromic Surveillance is not yet up and running, so ongoing submissions are not an option for meeting the measure.  In this scenario CMS requires you to register intent with your state within 60 days of the start of your reporting period. Once you’ve registered, intent your organization will need to engage in the required validation and testing, or wait for your state to approach you about validation and testing process.

The key to this measure is to register intent within 60 days of your EP’s reporting period.  For 2015 that would be March 1st, so make sure to mark that date on your calendar.





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