New TWUserAdmin Preferences in 11.4.1


In June 2014, information was posted to the blog regarding new TW User Admin Preferences in Allscripts TouchWorksTM 11.4.1.  Although the focus of 11.4.1 is Stage 2 Meaningful Use (MU2), there are lots of under-the-radar enhancements to the application for daily functionality.  Some of the enhancements in 11.4.1 include the ability to assign all sites or specific sites to a user’s primary organization, the ability to add multiple licenses and ID’s, and the ability to have the Provider Details in one section.

The user copy functionality will copy all views (i.e. chart view, clinical desktop views, task views, worklist views, and patient list views), and therefore it is recommended to copy a user in the same role and from the same site if possible.  An organization could also consider building user templates from which to copy (ORGFrontDesk, ORGProvider, etc).

There is an extensive Galen Wiki article here that will walk you through TW User Admin with the 11.4.1 changes. In addition, we have added the User Copy functionality to the article.  Building users can be a tedious task and this functionality makes adding new users manually a much quicker process.

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