Galen Presents MyDoc – Remote Patient Monitoring Goes Interactive!

Modern healthcare is complex. Many patients struggle to communicate and obtain information from their providers on a regular basis. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests patient engagement is the key to improving the quality of care. Dragonfly is Galen’s Remote Patient Monitoring tool, created to bridge the gap between the patient and provider.

Dragonfly allows value based care organizations to remotely monitor patients with chronic diseases, without leaving the EHR of their choice, to ensure that the patient’s conditions are not deteriorating. Measures such as heart rate and blood pressure are recorded on the patient’s iPhone or Android device and sent securely to the EHR for review. Providers can set measure thresholds for the patient. Alerts are sent to the care team in the EHR when these thresholds are exceeded. Dragonfly provides patients with visual illustrations of where their measures lie in relation to the thresholds.

To further patient engagement, Galen has created MyDoc, a communication portal within Dragonfly designed to enhance patient and provider communication. MyDoc’s functionality consists of touch to use capability for requesting appointments, sending messages to the provider, and reviewing clinical information from previous visits.

MyDoc consists of 3 communication tools:

  • Appointments: requesting and viewing future appointments
  • Communications: sending and receiving messages to and from the provider
  • Clinical Summaries: ability to view and print the clinical summary from previous visits

The MyDoc tab is nestled between the Learn and History tab within Dragonfly. The main page depicts the three primary sections, along with the ability to call the provider with one touch.

MyDoc’s appointments page displays an easy to use “request appointment” button. When pressed, an alert is sent to the care team within the EHR. The care team can then call the patient and schedule an appointment. Along with that, the patient’s appointments are organized in chronological order with the upcoming appointment highlighted.

MyDoc functionality will bridge the gap between patient and provider communication and continue to enhance the quality of care for chronic disease patients. For more information on MyDoc please contact Steve Cotton, Product Manager.

MyDoc 1MyDoc 2

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