The Promise of Value-Based Care

Here at Galen Healthcare, we believe in the benefit and opportunity value-based care provides.  Over the past year, I’ve had hundreds of discussions with our clients about the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care.  There is a fair amount of anxiety for provider organizations and their IT teams.  This is completely understandable.  Many wonder exactly what value-based care means?  How many models are there?  Does it mean I have to be an ACO?  Do commercial bundles and medical tourism packages count?  How do I technically achieve it?  Do I need a consolidated technology platform, or can I just swap out my patient accounting system?  These are just a few of the questions I hear in my travels.

The fact is that value-based care has taken many shapes, and almost all of them are customized to the provider organization.  The fact is that very few payers have a standardized approach to value-based care, because it is early, and everyone is still trying to figure this out.  At Galen we believe that is OK.  When revolutionary ideas appear, they’re often messy and take time to form their shape.  That said, we do not believe that our customers can wait on the sidelines for a more mature model to appear; we want to help you start now.  While some may deny it, fee-for-service is dead.  It’s still walking around like a zombie, but it’s dead.  Healthcare is going broke, and US patients aren’t remarkably healthier than other nation’s patients.  The country needs a shot in the arm to get moving, and value-based care will do the trick, because well, it works.

Galen strives to be pragmatic about the opportunity of value-based care.  The idea is to not upset your current revenue stream, but to take advantage of areas where pay-for-performance and other value-based care initiatives makes sense. We then build those capabilities that will create serious long-term strategic advantage for your organization.  The benefits of value-based care are obvious and lasting.  Through people, processes, and tools, you create a model where people get better with fewer resources.  That makes a lot of sense.  It can seem confusing to decide which value-based model requires what technology components, but through assessment and discovery tools, a path can be found, and we can help.

In furtherance of this vision, Galen Healthcare is pleased to announce a very exciting partnership with Pinpoint Health. This partnership creates terrific synergies between the healthcare consultative and technical expertise of Galen and a transformative new solution provider in the value-based delivery space. Pinpoint Health has an exciting new platform that will make care plans the centerpiece of coordinated care. We believe deeply that care coordination can only be achieved with lightweight, cost-effective platforms that simplify the experience of the physician and create a plan for the patient. In Pinpoint Health, we have found that platform. This partnership was created to bring a coordinated care alternative to our customers, and you’ll be hearing much more about it in the future.

As healthcare consumers and healthcare IT consultants, we’re very excited about the potential of payment reform.  We look forward to a conversation with you on how your organization is taking this journey.

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