eCalcs’ First Steps towards Meaningful Use Compliance

eCalcs are health calculators seamlessly integrated with Allscripts TouchWorksTM. Designed as a separate tab in the user workspace, eCalcs pulls relevant data from a patient’s chart such as demographics, results, and vitals directly into the calculator. This eliminates the need for clinicians to utilize external tools. The concept of eCalcs materialized when a trusted client requested that Galen build a tool that would allow their physicians to seamlessly perform Framingham Risk for Heart Attack calculations within the EHR. When our clients saw the usefulness of that calculator they realized we had built a powerful platform that could host multiple health calculators. Three years and over 50 calculators later, eCalcs not only provides a range of integrated calculators, it also contains questionnaires and comprehensive workflow modules. In 2013, we introduced the AntiCoag and Wound Care Modules. These modules have the capability to track a patient’s information over an extended period of time.

The next step in our eCalcs journey is to make pertinent calculators compliant with EHR incentive programs such as Meaningful Use Stage 2. Currently, we have two meaningful use compliant calculators; PHQ 2014 Depression Screening and Falls Risk Assessment. We are currently working on making many more compliant.

The PHQ 2014 Depression Screening is a questionnaire. It refers to the Meaningful Use standard, Clinical Quality Measure NQF 0418. Allscripts TouchWorksTM documentation recommends building answers that are associated with SNOMED codes in the answer dictionary. To conform to those recommendations, we have associated our result outputs to the positive/negative answers within the answer dictionary. The PHQ 2014 questionnaire has the PHQ 2 and PHQ 9 built into one. A configuration option allows organizations to use both or just the PHQ 9.

ecalcs MU2 2

The Falls Risk Assessment is another questionnaire with Meaningful Use compliance. It refers to the Meaningful Use Clinical Quality Measure NQF 0101. Allscripts TouchWorksTM documentation recommends that we build answers with SNOMED codes in the Answer dictionary and associate them with the results. To conform to those recommendations, we have associated our result outputs to the answer dictionary items. The two questions in the questionnaire are also Allscripts recommended.

ecalcs MU2 3

Over the next several months, we will continue to build calculators that are compliant with EHR incentive program standards such as Meaningful Use Stage 2. The steady growth of eCalcs would not have been possible without our clients. Their feedback, requests, and suggestions have driven eCalcs from a single calculator into the powerful tool that it is today.


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