New TWUser Admin Preferences in 11.4.1

There are a few new enhancements available for Allscripts TouchWorks EHR (formerly Enterprise EHR) beginning in version 11.4.1.  The first feature allows you to assign all sites or specific sites to a user’s primary organization while establishing a default site for each.  This is an ideal feature for users that do not need access to all the sites for whatever reason your organization may decide.  Be aware that post upgrade, all users are assigned to all sites at all organizations by default.  This would apply to any new users created as well.  To configure any changes needed for users there is now an Assigned Sites section within TWUser Admin>User Admin.  Previously the controls for changing sites were located in the User Details section.

You can see by the screen shots below that you can select “All Sites” or un-check the desired sites as needed in order to limit the choices that the user will see.  Be sure to select a Default Site as well which will automatically be the choice if only one site is selected.  Notice that when Western Colorado Pediatric Associates unchecked, it is no longer an option for the user within Site Selector.




Keep in mind that if  there is only one site assigned to a user, the user bypasses Site Selector even if  the Always Present Site Selector preference is set to Y.


The next new feature available within User Admin is the ability to add multiple licenses and ID’s previously not supported in earlier versions of Allscripts TouchWorks EHR.  The new Licenses/ID’s Section offers enhanced tools for defining provider licensing information, including support for multiple Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registrations.   When a provider has multiple DEA numbers, the application selects the correct DEA license for a controlled substance prescription based on the prescribing location (Site).

You can add multiple licenses and ID’s for users in specific states or sites, or for use at all sites as well.   These are  used for enrollment, prescription routing, prescription eligibility, and prescription history transactions.  Also be sure to enter applicable information for any users who enter orders for Physicians.  Clinical Quality Measures for Meaningful Use Stage 2 require that for an order to count towards an encounter provider’s computerized provider order entry (CPOE) measure, the user entering the order on behalf of the physician must be certified.


As always, be sure to test any new features and enhancements first to ensure they are working as designed and are appropriate for your organization.

To learn more about 11.4.1 features and enhancements,  be sure to visit for upcoming free public webcasts.

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