Client Success Story: Custom Problem Cleanup Solution at MIT Medical

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Recently, Galen assisted MIT Medical with a Custom Problem Cleanup Solution. Tom Goodwin, Manager of Clinical Systems and Data Quality at MIT Medical Department had the following to say about his experience working with Galen to create this solution:

“MIT Medical is preparing for ICD-10 and at the same time trying to make the Allscripts TouchWorks™ problem list more dynamic and more of a reflection of the patient’s current health state.  Like many organizations, problems on the problem list were growing like weeds and were long overdue to be trimmed back.  Specifically, acute illness problems such as acute pharyngitis, acute bronchitis and v codes used for billing were in many cases not being resolved or suppressed.  So, as a morale booster, MIT Medical decided to engage Galen to help get a fresh start.  [Galen] wrote a script that cleaned up these problems if they persisted on the problem list for over 2 months.  If there was a description, impression, or annotation they were resolved and moved to past medical history otherwise they were resolved and suppressed.  This really helped MIT clinicians get the problem lists under control.  They could spend less time resolving items that clearly were no longer relevant so that they could focus more on documenting details about more important chronic illnesses.”

We really enjoyed working with MIT on this custom solution and are happy to be able to offer this solution to clients that are facing similar challenges with their problem lists.

Please visit the custom solutions section of our website to see the different types of solutions that we offer. Any of the solutions can be customized to fit your organization’s needs, and if you have an idea for a customization that you would like to implement at your organization, we are happy to work with you to create a new solution.

To see demos of the cleanup solutions we currently offer, please visit our Wiki to see the slide deck of a recent webcast. You can also request a recording, or discuss any of the solutions with Galen by contacting

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