Galen Healthcare Solutions is excited to announce its new partnership with Orion Health to support Orion’s Health Information Exchange solution and Rhapsody Integration Engine. Together, we will work to enable caregivers, within large integrated delivery networks, increase healthcare communication in a paperless world. The partnership aims to help providers with solutions that improve patient outcomes through value-based medicine practices and to meet the requirements for “Meaningful Use” of electronic health record systems by 2015 as mandated by the federal government.


Galen will support Orion’s clients that use Orion’s HIE (Health Information Exchange) Solution and Rhapsody Integration Engine, thereby connecting healthcare organizations and maximizing interoperability. HIE is the act of sharing health-related information among participating organizations with the intent of promoting data standardization and consolidation across statewide, regional, and national initiatives. By utilizing Galen’s certified engineers, healthcare organizations achieve meaningful use requirements and obtain maximum incentives in quality care and data management.


To support this highly demanded healthcare need, Galen has increased its focus on Orion products to provide our technical expertise to Orion Health’s clients. Galen’s staff are Rhapsody certified and are connecting healthcare organizations participating in HIEs throughout the United States.


Joel Splan, Chief Executive Officer of Galen, said, “Galen is thrilled to partner with Orion Health, which plays such a vitally important role in the new, rapidly integrating future of healthcare in the US. With its proven reputation for flexibility and scalability, Orion Health Rhapsody and Orion Health HIE are compatible with the most widely-used platforms in healthcare today, Allscripts, Epic and Cerner, making it possible for doctors in different care venues to communicate with one another about the patient’s state instantly, no matter what EHR system they may have chosen.”


Splan added, “By providing our technical expertise and insights to Orion Health’s clients, we will be driving the forefront of our evolving healthcare system. Change is here, and it is having a profound impact on how practitioners use technology. Galen’s mission will be to assure that patients and providers receive real value from these changes, that technology effectively communicates with patients, reduces readmissions, increases use of evidence-based guidelines, improves disease surveillance, and much more.”


Special thanks to Bing Chen for her contributions to this article.

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