Finally, a robust and efficient Anticoagulation workflow available for Enterprise EHR!

We have heard from you for years – you need a better way to support anticoagulation therapy management in the EHR. Galen has answered that call with our Anticoag Module – an integrated anticoagulation therapy tracking and management tool for Allscripts Enterprise EHR.

You know the history. Galen’s consultants have been with you all along the way in finding better workflows for your anticoagulation clinics (aka Coumadin clinics) within the Allscripts Enterprise EHR. Our consultants have found interesting ways to work around the limitations of tracking patient INR goals and levels, and managing anticoagulation medication adjustments within an EHR. Through the creation of NoteForms and Flowsheets, we have created a workflow in the EHR that makes it possible to track and manage a patient’s anticoagulation therapy.

Even with these workflow improvements, we still could not accomplish a handful of important tasks in the EHR. This includes manual duplicate data entry within the Flowsheet week after week to track patient’s initial INR goals, which could lead to potential patient safety issues. We also could not automatically calculate a new recommended medication dose within the EHR.

We could tweak the EHR only so far.

Galen recently released our Anticoag Module for Allscripts Enterprise EHR. The Anticoag Module combines the best of what’s worked within the EHR Flowsheets  with a number of key improvements that efficiently support tracking of patient anticoagulation therapy. We are able to support the workflows needed for anticoagulation clinics, including the gaps identified above – duplicate data entry for INR goals, and auto-calculation of medication dosage, ultimately reducing the potential for human error.

The Anticoag Module is built on top of Galen’s proven eCalcs software for integrated health risk calculators. While the Anticoag Module is quite a bit more than a ‘calculator’, we are including it in all  Global implementations of eCalcs for the foreseeable future.

For more information and a demo, please feel free to contact us!

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