Update to eCalcs Now Available

Galen Healthcare is proud to announce a new release of our popular integrated health calculators, with eCalcs v1.3. We focused on continuing to broaden the appeal of eCalcs among providers with a host of new health risk calculators and a new Wound Care Management tool. You will also see improvements to the back-end management of eCalcs, making eCalcs even easier to manage and configure.

As with every new release of eCalcs to date, we have added several new calculators – 13 new calculators in v1.3. eCalcs is now home to 47 calculators (see full list). The list of 13 new calculators includes the Disease Activity Score (DAS) for Rheumatoid Arthritis, the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, and the new Wound Care Management tool for calculating and tracking the percentage of wound closure. As with previous releases of eCalcs, the new calculator content within this latest release was requested and prioritized by our clients, illustrating how we have empowered our clients with the ability to shape the future of eCalcs.

New Calculators in eCalcs v1.3:

The new calculators are exactly what providers at our clients are looking for. For those who manage and configure eCalcs, we have two big areas of improvement with v1.3:

  • Better management of defaults of Add to Chart values for health risk calculator results.
  • For our Allscripts Enterprise EHR clients who use v11.4+, v1.3 provides improved IMO problem input mappings.

Over the next few months, Galen will be accepting and prioritizing requests for new calculator content for the next release of eCalcs. With the recent guideline changes for cardiovascular risk, the CV Risk Calculator seems to be very popular at the moment. This and other most-requested calculators will be available with the next release.

Have an idea for new calculator content?  Please send it to Steve.Cotton@galenhealthcare.com.

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